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Kasstedy makes his debut on CFM with a great Chillout/Downtempo release. A very unknown artist, this release will get you wanting more from him. His use of atmosphere and beats is almost perfect. Throw in some soothing voice work as well and even a little bit of a MLK Jr. speech on the first track and you can see he’s got the chillout music down very well. If you are into any sort of Downtempo this album is for you. To sum up what you get on the album, its Soothing Voice work going over great Ambient Atmospheres and Trip-Hop drum lines.

  1. I Have A Dream 04:35
  2. In This World 05:10
  3. Unknown Places 05:27
  4. Grace on the Moon 04:26
  5. No Place For Pain 04:38


  1. I Have A Dream
  2. In This World
  3. Unknown Places
  4. Grace on the Moon
  5. No Place For Pain


24 minutes 17 seconds

Artist of release: Kasstedy View releases

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