DeepWarmth Remixed

With the first release in the EX series comes a release to compliment the 14th release on our label, DW/TB: Split EP. 4 remixes from artists such as Blue Neptune, Cristiano Campos, Louigi Verona and the other man on the original release, Textural Being, turn Dub Techno tracks into smooth House Music and Ambient Dub. If you liked the 3 tracks from DeepWarmth on the original release, you will love the remixes.


  1. Blue Squares Are Warm (Cristiano Campos Remix)
  2. Shattered Velocity [Textural Being Reshape]
  3. Blue Squares Are Warm (Blue Neptune Remix)
  4. Under A Jade Ledge (Louigi Verona Ambient Dub Take)


25 minutes 27 seconds

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