Minus Degrees

SecondFace makes his mark on the label with his first release – an Ambient release that floats from start to finish. The album starts off with Nightfall (Down Remix) that just melds great melodies with a spacey mood and adds in drums towards the end. This track is the only one with drums though. The rest give you a feeling of going through space and landing on a planet just in time for Winter. If you have loved any of our past Ambient releases, this one is for you. An album you should not miss.

  1. Nightfall Down Remix 07:14
  2. Traveling in Outer Space 08:51
  3. Formation of Frost 09:03
  4. Crystallization 05:06
  5. Below The Surface 05:56


  1. Nightfall Down Remix
  2. Traveling in Outer Space
  3. Formation of Frost
  4. Crystallization
  5. Below The Surface


36 minutes 9 seconds

About the artist: SecondFace View releases

SecondFace is Frank Vilbæk Jensen, who is from Denmark.


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