A Chance of Weather

A Chance of Weather is the first album that lilmanjs started work on back in late 2009. The album features 12 tracks of IDM and Ambient music, as it was designed to be half IDM and half Ambient to flow very nicely. You can see how far lilmanjs came in music making just by listening from start to finish – from his first track ever, Blue Skies Turning Grey, to later tracks like Interlude (Sky Guitar) and Peacefull Weekend. The album ends with the epic 15 minute track Lakeside Reflections In Spring (Winter into Spring Mix). The album should please both Ambient lovers and IDM lovers.

  1. Blue Skies Turning Grey lilmanjs 02:14
  2. Forests Aren’t Always Green lilmanjs 03:25
  3. Clouds in the Sky lilmanjs 02:47
  4. The Warm Corridor lilmanjs & Kasran 04:16
  5. The Forest is Calling lilmanjs 02:36
  6. Sunshine Is Green lilmanjs 04:16
  7. Interlude (Sky Guitar) lilmanjs 02:20
  8. Autumn Through Winter’s Eyes lilmanjs 03:35
  9. Peacefull Weekend lilmanjs 05:34
  10. Neon Cities At Night lilmanjs 02:43
  11. Nightfall Underwater lilmanjs 03:51
  12. Lakeside Reflections in Spring (Winter into Spring Mix) lilmanjs 15:23


  1. lilmanjs – Blue Skies Turning Grey
  2. lilmanjs – Forests Aren’t Always Green
  3. lilmanjs – Clouds in the Sky
  4. lilmanjs & Kasran – The Warm Corridor
  5. lilmanjs – The Forest is Calling
  6. lilmanjs – Sunshine Is Green
  7. lilmanjs – Interlude (Sky Guitar)
  8. lilmanjs – Autumn Through Winter’s Eyes
  9. lilmanjs – Peacefull Weekend
  10. lilmanjs – Neon Cities At Night
  11. lilmanjs – Nightfall Underwater
  12. lilmanjs – Lakeside Reflections in Spring (Winter into Spring Mix)


53 minutes 5 seconds

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lilmanjs is James Shain born in 1989 and lives in Lawrence, Kansas. lilmanjs has been making ambient, IDM and downtempo music since 2009. Having had an ear for music since his early days, he now makes electronic music that he likes to listen to. most of it will be slow and broading, but sometimes it can be rough stuff.


  1. M.M.
    Jul 25, 2011

    Great stuff…thanks 🙂

  2. Jun 12, 2012

    Thanks for Download , very nice and serious music is here .

    Greetings and cheers from Munich , Germany , Tibor.

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