Retro Introspective

lilmanjs returns with an all new EP, his first with beats. Retro Introspective is a brand new Jazzy IDM release from lilmanjs. Features Rhodes, Sax, Jazz bass sound and somewhat crazy drums. The EP was created over a year and was crafted to meld IDM and Jazz sounds and add in a lilmanjs touch.

  1. Walking After Midnight 03:43
  2. Fading Shades of Dark Green 04:57
  3. Interlude (A Radar Sees All) 01:46
  4. 4th Horizon 05:12
  5. SuperNovas 07:09
  6. Smooth Spring Evening 04:32


  1. Walking After Midnight
  2. Fading Shades of Dark Green
  3. Interlude (A Radar Sees All)
  4. 4th Horizon
  5. SuperNovas
  6. Smooth Spring Evening


27 minutes 20 seconds

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lilmanjs is James Shain born in 1989 and lives in Lawrence, Kansas. lilmanjs has been making ambient, IDM and downtempo music since 2009. Having had an ear for music since his early days, he now makes electronic music that he likes to listen to. most of it will be slow and broading, but sometimes it can be rough stuff.

One Comment

  1. Nov 21, 2011

    Very sweet floating notes and bass.
    Would like some alternative versions without the drums.
    Not that the drum patterns were bad, just music with no need for a beat 😉

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