Eight months after the split EP with DeepWarmth, Textural Being makes a return trip to Cold Fiction Music with an EP of all new tracks. The tone here is similar to the tracks from the split, but more careful attention to detail and composition was spent on the tracks in this EP, resulting in something denser and darker that listeners can really get lost in. A small, four track bonus EP is included with the release, containing tracks by AXS, Zzzzra, Anton Mayer and Blamstrain, re-envisioned by Textural Being. The original version of Zzzzra’s track stop by Entropy Records can be heard here:

  1. Tau Ceti 04:18
  2. Alpha Centauri [A] 06:01
  3. Alpha Centauri [B] 05:46
  4. Proximity 07:00
  5. Gauss 06:12
  6. Nine Letters 06:59
  7. Sonic Society [TBMX] A. Mayer 08:39
  8. Winter-Spring [TBMX] Blamstrain 06:23
  9. Locked Frame [TBMX] AXS 10:54
  10. Ultime Menace Philosophique [TBMX] Zzzzra 08:54


  1. Tau Ceti
  2. Alpha Centauri [A]
  3. Alpha Centauri [B]
  4. Proximity
  5. Gauss
  6. Nine Letters


  1. A. Mayer – Sonic Society [TBMX]
  2. Blamstrain – Winter-Spring [TBMX]
  3. Axs – Locked Frame [TBMX]
  4. Zzzzra – Ultime Menace Philosophique [TBMX]

The tracks in the bonus EP are remixes by Textural Being.


36 minutes 17 seconds

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Born and raised around a fundamental respect for music, Sage Taylor has never been a stranger to eclectic sounds. With parents who endorsed total freedom of expression his entire life, the young musician from the northwestern part of the United States began composing complete musical pieces as early as the age of 8. Through friends and extended family, who exposed him to a variety of genres and styles as he grew, he quickly found himself deeply rooted in electronic music, something that would stay with him the rest of his life.


  1. Feb 15, 2011

    Great Release! Proximity is especially fantastic!

  2. Feb 23, 2011

    Great LP & Remixes.

    Entropy Refcords

  3. Feb 26, 2011

    fantastic, ‘ll make a textures being mix soon

  4. Jun 4, 2011

    Love it……

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