Life In The Troposphere

This release is Louigi Verona’s second effort on Cold Fiction Music. It contains only 1 song, but it is great Dronescape music from Louigi that we’ve come to love. This release is about the troposphere, which is the lowest portion of Earth’s atmosphere. Most of the phenomena we associate with day-to-day weather occurs in the troposphere. This composition is a lot about hovering, visualizing sound and observation. Louigi also recommends that while it is absolutely fine to listen to the tune in the background, the greatest experience is to listen to it carefully, in a room with good speakers or even better with your headphones. By giving this sound landscape your full attention, you are guaranteed to take one of the most curious adventures through sound, imagination and the heights of the troposphere.

  1. Life In The Troposphere 46:09


  1. Life In The Troposphere


46 minutes 9 seconds

Artist of release: Louigi Verona View releases


  1. levia sutil
    Jun 22, 2011

    hi. i d like your music, ..¡¡

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