The Birds

This release is the third conceptual album from Bound Of Reflection. The tracks have a light and atmospheric style, dedicated to the different seasons of nature and the time of day. The compositions are full of many deep pads, pleasant timbre, and have a relaxed atmosphere. This gives the album a general mood and integrity, without a loss of individuality and unique ideas of each individual track. The final track, The Glow, is a minimalist end to the work.


  1. The Trip Through The Morning Forest
  2. When the Autumn Begins
  3. The Evening In The Shadow
  4. The Current Of The River
  5. The Birds
  6. Banzai
  7. Bird Of Passage
  8. The Glow


45 minutes 24 seconds

Bound Of Reflection is a project of the musician behind Xalm Retribution, focusing on a softer ambient sound. From Novosibirsk, Russia.


  1. Nov 1, 2011

    Peaceful and well constructed music:)

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