Alphabetical Order EP

Virabelo brings us some minimal techno that is very on the minimal side. The music is very light and has an airy feeling with some glitches thrown in from time to time. You won’t find very many, if any, bass lines in this EP, but the music more than makes up for the lack of these lines. These 8 tracks are sure to get stuck in your head and stay there for a long time to come. We are glad to have Virabelo release his kind of minimal techno with us and hope to see more from him in the future.

  1. Cbbg 03:14
  2. Hw Bt t 05:02
  3. Kchlcs Nnyms 03:06
  4. Ltblmr 072110 03:08
  5. Mnky Lv 04:36
  6. Nc Pn Tm 03:43
  7. Stnmmng Th LD Bnj 04:23
  8. Th Wmn Mvd CLsr 02:47


  1. Cbbg
  2. Hw Bt t
  3. Kchlcs Nnyms
  4. Ltblmr 072110
  5. Mnky Lv
  6. Nc Pn Tm
  7. Stnmmng Th LD Bnj
  8. Th Wmn Mvd CLsr


29 minutes 56 seconds

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Headphone techno from South Jersey.

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