Mehr, Bitte

The man behind Agathan brings us his first release since helping get Cold Fiction Music off the ground. This time around he is bringing us some Minimal Techno under his Zimmermann alias. Nine very good tracks make up Mehr, Bitte. There may only be 9 tracks on the album, but they include some very good stuff and 1 remix that you can’t even tell was a solo piano piece before it got remixed. There’s even a song based off of the windows 95 startup music done by Brian Eno. Zimmermann really shows what he can do on this album with such highlights as Something Warm and You Are Here, I Am There.

  1. Eternally Now 04:00
  2. Paste It Later 04:34
  3. Lucid Dreaming 06:38
  4. Olson – Sunsubiro [Zimmermann Remix] 03:33
  5. Motor / Piano 04:10
  6. Something Warm 04:28
  7. The Microsoft Sound 02:22
  8. Borgs 04:48
  9. You Are Here, I Am There 07:18


  1. Eternally Now
  2. Paste It Later
  3. Lucid Dreaming
  4. Olson – Sunsubiro [Zimmermann Remix]
  5. Motor / Piano
  6. Something Warm
  7. The Microsoft Sound
  8. Borgs
  9. You Are Here, I Am There


41 minutes 49 seconds

About the artist: Zimmermann View releases

Some Queer Girl that makes Ambiance and Minimalism from the Pacific Northwest.

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