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The first release in the Get to Know series brings Sage Taylor to the limelight. What a better way to decide if an album is worth getting than to hear music that the artist has made in the past. That is what this series of releases is designed to do. Sage has been making music for many years and over the years has become a very good undiscovered talent until now. This release spans from his 2006 album Cascade up to the forthcoming release Pigments of Your Imagination. Included are songs from the 2 albums that Sage says hold a special place for him: Manufacture Your Brothers and Clouds. Working closely with Sage, this release best showcases what he can do and how good he is.

  1. Intro to… 07:12
  2. Ross Island Bridge 03:37
  3. Clouds of Purple 06:29
  4. Interlude #1 [A Waking Dream] 02:39
  5. Purple Hexagon Moon 04:50
  6. The Sun Pillar 05:44
  7. Clouds of Green 07:44
  8. Rainstorm 04:52
  9. La Neige 03:15
  10. A Worn Road for Modern Times 06:25


# Title From Year
1 Intro to… Manufacture Your Brothers 2008
2 Ross Island Bridge The Next Great Adventure 2008
3 Clouds of Purple Clouds 2006
4 Interlude #1 [A Waking Dream] Manufacture Your Brothers 2008
5 Purple Hexagon Moon Pigments Of Your Imagination B-Sides 2009
6 The Sun Pillar The Next Great Adventure 2008
7 Clouds of Green Clouds 2006
8 Rainstorm Cascade 2006
9 La Neige Sunday Drive EP 2006
10 A Worn Road for Modern Times Cascade 2006


52 minutes 52 seconds

About the artist: Sage Taylor View releases

Portland, Oregon musician Sage Taylor has been experimenting with sound and electronics as a hobby for over a decade, and has tapped into a wide range of styles in the electronic music spectrum throughout the years. His present-day output is likely to touch on quiet ambient music, soft, melodic IDM or dubbed-out ambient techno, but the goal remains the same as always: to create new compositions for people to zone out to.


  1. Mar 17, 2010

    This is a tremendous article, im lucky I discovered it. Ill be back later on to check out other posts that you have on your blog.

  2. Feb 12, 2011

    amazing album, great label and artists, good work!
    greetz n peace

  3. Keith
    Mar 2, 2011

    Thanks again !! I find it quite amazing that you are offering this music for free. I will have to consider whether to donate because I don’t have a credit card and I am still a bit wary about using my bank facilities on internet.

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