Hyperreality EP

Our 39th release on the label is an EP full of Dark Space Ambient from Hyperreality. Hints of light shine throughout the release, but you really feel the cold darkness of outer space with this release. How to listen to this properly? As the artist states, space ambient should be visualised to when you’re alone, in the dark so try listening to this fantastic release of Dark Space Ambient when you’re alone and about to fall asleep.

  1. Creatio Ex Nihilo 06:41
  2. Simulacrum 02:40
  3. Cold Star 05:08
  4. Cosmic Cathexis 04:14
  5. The Machine Stops 08:05


  1. Creatio Ex Nihilo
  2. Simulacrum
  3. Cold Star
  4. Cosmic Cathexis
  5. The Machine Stops


26 minutes 50 seconds

Artist of release: Hyperreality View releases

One Comment

  1. jondreaming
    Jul 28, 2012

    last track is amazing ambiant, dont know why its called the machine it sounds alive

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