Proximity Remastered

Our 21st album on the label was the first solo release from Textural Being on the label. Combining an ever changing sound, this was a popular release on the label. Sage has always felt he could have done better on the mastering, so here is the official remaster of Proximity. The original release came with a bonus remix Ep, but that is not here.


  1. Tau Ceti
  2. Alpha Centuari [A]
  3. Alpha Centuari [B]
  4. Proximity
  5. Gauss
  6. Nine Letters


36 minutes 17 seconds

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Born and raised around a fundamental respect for music, Sage Taylor has never been a stranger to eclectic sounds. With parents who endorsed total freedom of expression his entire life, the young musician from the northwestern part of the United States began composing complete musical pieces as early as the age of 8. Through friends and extended family, who exposed him to a variety of genres and styles as he grew, he quickly found himself deeply rooted in electronic music, something that would stay with him the rest of his life.


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