Orkus, known as Jaroslav Konečný, was born on August 13, 1987 in Třebíč, Czech Republic. He is native, however, to Náměšť nad Oslavou.

He first became acquainted with electronic music on his 13th birthday, when he was amazed by Daft Punk, Ambient ORB, and Yello. Since the age of 14, Orkus started his first musical experiments with his friend with a Behringer mixer. J.K. Techno was already in his ears at this time, but level out tempo was still in the future. This was also the first time that he tried using software to make music – Music 2000 for the PlayStation. At the time of its release, Music 2000 was a simple piece of software, but it allowed beginning musicians to easily produce music. Orkus also used eJay for the PC. Every day, he made his own sounds and beats as he tried to discover the inner workings of electronic music. After many compositions, he started checking out more programs for music creation, trying to find one that would suit him best. Through this process, he discovered Fruity Loops and PS2 Music 3000, two programs which allowed him to further develop his music-making abilities and continue with his experiments with sounds.

Orkus always knew that DJing would be something that he would like to do. After his earlier experiences with CDs, he tried gramophones, along with gramo-mix-gramo technology. When he turned 16, more techno and freetekno vinyls passed under his arms, which bolstered his enthusiasm for music.

About a year and a half later, Orkus discovered Ableton Live. His first results with the program arose after a few months of attempts. These results were not as good as he wished, but he continued to produce music.

Later on, Orkus acquired his own gramophones for mixing music, as he already owned a few vinyls. He learned how to mix sounds between two of these devices. He also used Traktor around this time, but he preferred to mix vinyls instead.

Long story short, Orkus has been working with Ableton, with two MIDI controllers, for a few years. He always discovers new techniques to produce music, as well as ways to improve its creation. After eight years of playing, he started to have some success with releasing music on labels, including Aktivists, Speedsound, AK Series, Techno Deaf, Unaffected Records, Aenaria Recordings, Underground Noise, Critikal Tech, Groove Soldiers, and Undertechnical. Orkus has released two albums besides ALHEIMINIRIUM: one with nine tracks of Ambient and Deep styled music, and one with eight Deep House tracks.

Music creation, and music itself, has become Orkus’s primary hobby and passion. He appreciates its ability to charge people with positive energy and take them away from the usual reality of this unusual world.

In the words of Orkus: