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Getting Involved with Cold Fiction Music

So, we’re currently redesigning Cold Fiction Music’s website. We would like to bring more functionality to the label and have a more organized site overall. We want to see Cold Fiction Music expand more in the future, and we hope that a new website will make this happen. Are you a designer or developer and […]

We Are Back!

After our site went down we started work on getting the site back up and running and we have done that now. all releases are now hosted on Archive.org and should be fast downloads. We are sorry that the site was down for as long as it was, but it is back up and running […]

Under Construction

We’re still working on getting the site back up to the way it was before all of the turmoil occured. In the meantime, some releases may not be downloadable, although they can still be listened to by using the preview players. Please be patient during this process, and again, we are sorry for all of […]