An album from the archives! Originally written in 2011 and 2012, aspect. returns to the label to showcase a fantastic deep trip through Dub Techno, Deep Techno and Ambient Techno on this fantastic look from the early period.


  1. rt
  2. ccx.
  3. nightfall. / motionless.
  4. [camera]
  5. [camera]
  6. [camera]
  7. [texture]
  8. [texture]
  9. [texture]
  10. sequence. [for erik]
  11. [drone]
  12. ccx. [dub.]
  13. ccx. [version.]


1 hour 21 minutes 36 seconds

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Portland, Oregon musician Sage Taylor has been experimenting with sound and electronics as a hobby for over a decade, and has tapped into a wide range of styles in the electronic music spectrum throughout the years. His present-day output is likely to touch on quiet ambient music, soft, melodic IDM or dubbed-out ambient techno, but the goal remains the same as always: to create new compositions for people to zone out to.

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