Suburban Wanderlust

This is the final album from label artist Polygon-Boy. We don’t know what the future holds, but this is a fitting last album to the Polygon-Boy name. Lo-fi Downtempo that is perfect for relaxing by the sea, or just on your porch on a cool summer evening.


  1. Areo Drive
  2. Beach Silhouettes
  3. Larkhaven St.
  4. Buena Vista Fires
  5. Skatebordin’ Down Sunrise Drive
  6. Palmtree Breakup
  7. Treehouse Blues
  8. Surfside Sunset
  9. Summer’s Dusk Wind
  10. Tied Sneakers
  11. Palmtree Breakup (Version)
  12. Surfside Sunset (The Dandelion Council’s Tropical Jungle RMX)


40 minutes 26 seconds

About the artist: Polygon-Boy View releases

Polygon-Boy is inspired by God, the suburbs, underexposed film, sunsets, goosebumps, and VHS.

Artist of release: The Dandelion Council View releases

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