Moonlit Trees

After two successful EPs, Outward Roots is pleased to finally release their first LP titled “Moonlit Trees”.

Almost as if it came straight out of the 90s Techno scene alongside albums like AFX’s “Selected Ambient Works” & LFO’s classic “Frequencies”, this album combines lush soundscapes with stripped back, to-the-point drum patterns making this album minimal dance music in the purist form.


  1. Flying South
  2. Grandfather oak
  3. Born was the Sunrise
  4. Pale Light (Revision)
  5. Memories in the Sky
  6. Up in Smoke
  7. The Fantasy of Peace
  8. Birth of a New World


1 hour 03 minutes 01 seconds

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Collaboration between DeepWarmth & Owen Ni. Focusing on deep / dub techno & ambient. Created in 2015.

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