Eastern Depths Vol 2

Eastern Depths returns to the label with a second volume. Full of tracks focused more on atmospheres over the course of 9 tracks. This release showcases more great talent in the Techno and Downtempo world. We couldn’t be more pleased to have a second volume.


  1. Heisia – Minaan
  2. Polygon Ring & Protuberance – Occard (Core Mix)
  3. z3n – Ascent
  4. Protuberance – Hypnoteck (Hypnos Remix)
  5. rés – Tabence
  6. V-Stо́k – Dark Tunnel
  7. Hypnos – RainStorm Night
  8. neℽtral – Like a Rubberduck Floating Placidly
  9. Protuberance – Hypnoteck


51 minutes 22 seconds

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