Our first album from [intentionally left blank] is a sonic mashing of beats, noise, textures and other sounds to create a concept album about heading out as a person inside the internet. From the entering, all the way to the getting home, this is one album you won’t forget. Deep sounds and atmosphere dominate this album.


  1. GATEWAY (connecting always takes so long)
  2. インターネット影 (sometimes i think someone is watching me)
  3. WWW (i wonder just how many websites exist on the internet…)
  4. 人工友情 (i feel so social when im online)
  5. 雨の都市 (i’ve always hated the city, its so loud and noisy)
  6. ナイトクラブ (my friends told me i should to go out, they said i might enjoy it)
  7. E (i… i don’t know that’s going on…)
  8. ホーム (i must just need sleep….)


58 minutes 09 seconds

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