Nmrkd Paths

Dwn Cx returns to the label to showcase an ever changing sound. More noise, more experimental and more melody than his last album on the label. Featuring 6 tracks with melodic noise and techno, sure to shock fans of the label.

  1. Cleared (Truncation) 08:08
  2. I’m Not Myself 04:36
  3. Hinge Fault 06:10
  4. Unmarked Paths 09:58
  5. Blurred Ends 09:10
  6. Grey Harp 06:56


  1. Cleared (Truncation)
  2. I’m Not Myself
  3. Hinge Fault
  4. Unmarked Paths
  5. Blurred Ends
  6. Grey Harp


44 minutes 59 seconds

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Experimental artist, designer, and producer from Philadelphia, PA. Works primarily with damaged sounds, damaged sights, damaged movement.

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