Daydreamer EP

Our first release of 2015 sees Wolf Asylum returning to the label with a light and airy IDM/Downtempo EP called Daydreamer. Featuring 4 tracks that show off and even more light side than his last release on the label, this is sure to be a pleaser.

  1. Waking Dreams 04:28
  2. Thinking Of You 05:32
  3. Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid 04:57
  4. Mr. Sparkleshine 05:52


  1. Waking Dreams
  2. Thinking Of You
  3. Somethings Are Better Left Unsaid
  4. Mr. Sparkleshine


20 minutes 49 seconds

About the artist: Wolf Asylum View releases

Matt Wolf is the solo artist of the sonic project known as Wolf Asylum [circa 2010]. He writes Glitch, IDM, Industrial, and Ambient Electronic Music.

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