Among Stars

James Shain returns to the label, previously releasing as lilmanjs, with another album filled with spacey dronescapes to relax with. Three lush dronescapes are accented by 2 long minimal dronescapes that call a more minimal sense of floating through space highlighted by sparse and distant leads at times. For those a fan of Sunrise in Space and Fading Starlight, this album will be sure to please.

  1. Skies 28:39
  2. White Hole Asteroid 09:27
  3. Moons at Dusk 13:47
  4. Life is Dreaming 03:56
  5. The Warmth Before Us (Alt Take) 03:01


  1. Skies
  2. White Hole Asteroid
  3. Moons at Dusk
  4. Life is Dreaming
  5. The Warmth Before Us (Alt Take)


58 minutes 51 seconds

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lilmanjs is James Shain born in 1989 and lives in Lawrence, Kansas. lilmanjs has been making ambient, IDM and downtempo music since 2009. Having had an ear for music since his early days, he now makes electronic music that he likes to listen to. most of it will be slow and broading, but sometimes it can be rough stuff.

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