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Satoi joins the label with a 3 track EP full of Deep Techno and a single ambient tune. His style of Deep Techno is quite different than what you’d expect, with vibrant melodies at times like on the track Hate Us. His atmospheres are very lush and static at times as well like in the first track Hinder. An artist to watch in the coming years is Satoi and with his first release, he really shows off what he can do.

  1. Hinder 05:46
  2. Second 02:18
  3. Hate Us 10:24


  1. Hinder
  2. Second
  3. Hate Us


18 minutes 28 seconds

About the artist: Satoi View releases

Picture yourself hugging that dear someone in a cold autumn night surrounded by the city lights that look like a sea of fallen stars.

That is the picture that Tuukka Jääskeläinen, aka. Satoi, wants you to embrace in with his combination of Finnish melancholy, deep and rich pads, and beats that will fill your feet with love and warmth that every human needs in this cold world.

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  1. fap
    Dec 7, 2012

    i love it, i`m looking forward to hear more from Satoi

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