Chrome Rainbow returns to the label with his second release Hourglass. A more complex and more organic sounding release, he melds layers of synths with pianos over the top to provide music that sounds like his style from his first release Beside Yourself though in a more complex tone. This is a great album to chill to on a Sunday afternoon or what have you. If you prefer your electronic music to be slower and more chill, this is perfect.

  1. Disbanded 05:04
  2. Definition 04:00
  3. Fluxation 06:12
  4. Tripulation 04:26
  5. Lost in A Moment 03:20
  6. Movements 05:24
  7. Abstract 05:00


  1. Disbanded
  2. Definition
  3. Fluxation
  4. Tripulation
  5. Lost in A Moment
  6. Movements
  7. Abstract


33 minutes 27 seconds

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