Piramoun EP

We are happy to bring more Ambient musics to the label from artist Spuntic. Spuntic coming from Iran brings sweet bliss and ethereal sounds for the EP. The album is a mostly floating slow journey but always moving. Tracks like Liquid and Celestial having moving pads to change up the pace of the album. Another great Ambient release on the label and an artist you’ll be sure to follow for some time to come.

  1. Piramoun 04:51
  2. Liquid 05:20
  3. Beneath 04:10
  4. Celestial 03:09
  5. Sphere 03:53
  6. Mutant 04:02
  7. Floating 03:49
  8. Source 03:38


  1. Piramoun
  2. Liquid
  3. Beneath
  4. Celestial
  5. Sphere
  6. Mutant
  7. Floating
  8. Source


32 minutes 45 seconds

About the artist: Spuntic View releases

Spuntic is an ambient music project by Mehdi Saleh, who is from Iran.

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