Droning3: 026 & 035

The 3rd entry in the Droning series centers around the theme of water. This time around though we have 2 songs instead of a single song that happened in the earlier releases. Louigi says the theme of water brought these 2 tracks together for this release and also says that whatever kind of water it makes you think of is all up to you. So relax with these 2 pieces of floating music centered around water.

  1. Droning026 50:15
  2. Droning035 37:21


  1. Droning026
  2. Droning035


1 Hour 27 minutes 36 seconds

Artist of release: Louigi Verona View releases


  1. Apr 18, 2012

    fantastic bit of relaxing ambient music guys!

  2. starzapper
    Nov 23, 2013

    Aquatic ambience at its finest!

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