DW/TB Split EP

This split EP marks our first full Dub Techno release on the label and we couldn’t be more happy than to have Textural Being and DeepWarmth release with us. Both artists are up and comers in the Dub Techno scene and we are proud to release their first split EP here on the label. The split EP was inspired by Dublicator, Grit, Coppice Halifax, Hieronymus and Thomas Fehlmann. Also if you liked Sage Taylor’s album on our label then you should also love this one.

  1. Blue Squares Are Warm DeepWarmth 06:20
  2. Shattered Velocity DeepWarmth 05:53
  3. Under A Jade Ledge DeepWarmth 04:50
  4. Suggestion Textural Being 07:17
  5. Tiefenwahrnehmung Textural Being 06:47
  6. Hydrology Textural Being 05:31


  1. DeepWarmth – Blue Squares Are Warm
  2. DeepWarmth – Shattered Velocity
  3. DeepWarmth – Under A Jade Ledge
  4. Textural Being – Suggestion
  5. Textural Being – Tiefenwahrnehmung
  6. Textural Being – Hydrology


36 minutes 38 seconds

This release is the first to be released in two formats: MP3 and FLAC.

About the artist: DeepWarmth View releases

DeepWarmth has been around since the year 2010, with music previously and sometimes released as lilmanjs up until 2014 which saw the ending of lilmanjs with the track Journey (It Only Starts). DeepWarmth is a sonic melding of beats, usually but not limited to, Dub Techno and Ambient Techno. Also included on this are Ambient works of various kinds as James Shain. Since 2009 James Shain has striven to carve out his own place in the vast world of Electronic Music with his style influenced by quite a number of artists from all over the world including Japan.

About the artist: Textural Being View releases

Born and raised around a fundamental respect for music, Sage Taylor has never been a stranger to eclectic sounds. With parents who endorsed total freedom of expression his entire life, the young musician from the northwestern part of the United States began composing complete musical pieces as early as the age of 8. Through friends and extended family, who exposed him to a variety of genres and styles as he grew, he quickly found himself deeply rooted in electronic music, something that would stay with him the rest of his life.


  1. chipset
    Jun 19, 2010

    This release sounds very good in FLAC. 😀

  2. Jun 21, 2010

    This is a very cute release. Nice quiet vibes, bleeps of filters and I love the drum work in its calmness.

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