Darwin or Darlose

Darwin or Darlose marks the solo debut of Metylonia. Metylonia is one-half of the group Psymachine, who have already released with the label. The album features a few different music styles ranging from Psy-Trance to Trance and Hardstyle. Darwin or Darlose wasn’t made in a matter of months though, as the songs were made over a period of a few years before they found a home on the album. If you’re into any kind of Trance music, you’ll love the album.

  1. Painting Blue Clouds Metylonia 04:32
  2. Life20 (Metylonia Remix) It-Alien 06:01
  3. Landlord Metylonia 03:47
  4. Lolcest Metylonia 05:36
  5. Bust My Mind Metylonia 06:12
  6. 3-fluoro-salami Metylonia 06:50
  7. Ethedrinelin Metylonia 03:44
  8. Purifying Water Metylonia 06:53
  9. Traveller Arctic Awakening 07:12
  10. Pump My … (Metylonia Mix) Olman Brothers 03:45
  11. Lyrica My Problem Child Metylonia 08:42
  12. Distorted Intelligence Metylonia 05:00
  13. Ether Nal Sun Metylonia vs. Toni Taskinen 04:27


  1. Painting Blue Clouds
  2. It-Alien – Life20 (Metylonia Remix)
  3. Landlord
  4. Lolcest
  5. Bust My Mind
  6. 3-fluoro-salami
  7. Ethedrinelin
  8. Purifying Water
  9. Arctic Awakening – Traveller
  10. Olman Brothers – Pump My … (Metylonia Mix)
  11. Lyrica My Problem Child
  12. Distorted Intelligence
  13. Metylonia vs. Toni Taskinen – Ether Nal Sun


1 hour 12 minutes 48 seconds

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