Iced Over World

A long time coming this release is the first release that features songs from artists on the label and a few who are being introduced as artists on the label. Featuring everything from Downtempo to Psy-Trance and Ambient this release should suit everyone. Iced Over World introduces Riatsu, and the solo debut of Metylonia (one half of Psymachine). Iced Over World really shows off the talented artists on Cold Fiction Music while showing how different the music styles are.

  1. Sector Five Riatsu 00:49
  2. Confrontation Metylonia 07:55
  3. The Fluttering of Caustics Sage Taylor 04:37
  4. Birds Flying Through Dissolving Clouds lilmanjs 04:40
  5. 7-28-08 Moxil & Taxil 02:43
  6. Strings Float, Voice Carries Agathan 09:36


  1. Riatsu – Sector Five
  2. Metylonia – Confrontation
  3. Sage Taylor – The Fluttering of Caustics
  4. lilmanjs – Birds Flying Through Dissolving Clouds
  5. Moxil & Taxil – 7-28-08
  6. Agathan – Strings Float, Voice Carries


30 minutes 20 seconds

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  1. Feb 28, 2010

    Cold Fiction Music Label…

    a very good netlabel started last year called Cold Fiction Music. features a good range of different music from Psy-Trance to ambient and drone to dub. some of the featured artists are Psymachine, Sage Taylor and lilmanjs. hope you check it out. every …

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