Forest of Sound

Our second Cd release is a somewhat different one than our first Cd. While still having Coppice Halifax on board, this also has eleven other artists, some new to the label, and others label favorites. No Techno on display making this a fully Ambient release in nature. Forest of Sound showcases the sounds we are currently interested in in the world of Ambient.


  1. Soma Hayato – Faint
  2. Substak – Into The Unknown
  3. Joe Maas – Alpha Waves
  4. wzrdryAV – Walking Through Dreams
  5. S.V.Sh. – Vtumane
  6. Parallelism – Dust & Sawblades In Relief
  7. Olson – Vitrail
  8. SecondFace – Planet Nine
  9. Steve Brand – Near Past [Cold Fiction Edit]
  10. James Shain – Above The Sky
  11. Coppice Halifax – Raindrop
  12. Mick Chillage – Like Stars


1 hour 24 minutes 55 seconds

About the artist: Coppice Halifax View releases

Brian Grainger started making music somewhere after his parents’ divorce in 1997. He played multiple instruments in a number of different bands and projects, teaching himself how to play guitar, drums, bass and keyboard without the aid of classical training. In 2001, Brian began dabbling in psychedelic and ambient music, and by 2002 he became interested in writing computer-produced (but still organic) songs.

About the artist: James Shain View releases

lilmanjs is James Shain born in 1989 and lives in Lawrence, Kansas. lilmanjs has been making ambient, IDM and downtempo music since 2009. Having had an ear for music since his early days, he now makes electronic music that he likes to listen to. most of it will be slow and broading, but sometimes it can be rough stuff.

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About the artist: SecondFace View releases

SecondFace is Frank Vilbæk Jensen, who is from Denmark.

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About the artist: Substak View releases

Kostas Staikos (aka Substak) was born and raised in the city of Athens.

The start of his journey into music began in 2011 when he decided to escape a bit from real life and start mixing and producing.

His music genres include Ambient, Dub, Dub Techno, Minimal, and Minimal Techno.

Artist of release: wzrdryAV View releases

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