Psymachine consists of two brothers Tommi Ollikainen (Toman) and Jussi (tenda), who joined together in 2006 to make some serious psytrance. They use Renoise ( and some VST plugins to produce their music. Renoise has a 3rd party melody generator called “psymachine”, which is designed by both and programmed by tenda. The band uses this program sometimes for some melodic ideas.

Toman is the leading composer with vivid imagination and he composes whilst wandering in a desired dream world. He could be described as a self-learned composer since he has very little musical education. It’s all about feeling and imagination for him and smooth sequencing, interesting plots, flowing melodies etc. Mastering is mostly done by him with extremely HIFI equipment.

Tenda is more biased on working with the left hemisphere of his brain with a serial processing flow. He uses harsh sounds, even unharmonic elements and some strange sequencing tricks. Plots have some kind of verbal ideas backed with subjective emotional continuum. He likes to experiment with fresh sounds that might sound and feel weird. Crisp acid/chemical sweeps are his hand writing.

We hope to continue more intense collaboration later on than with the first “Psymachine – Mathematical Random Experience” album.

More of Toman’s work
And here’s tenda’s stuff

Note: Jussi, who also released on Cold Fiction Music under the name Metylonia, passed away in 2010. RIP, man.