Coppice Halifax

Brian Grainger started making music somewhere after his parents’ divorce in 1997. He played multiple instruments in a number of different bands and projects, teaching himself how to play guitar, drums, bass and keyboard without the aid of classical training. In 2001, Brian began dabbling in psychedelic and ambient music, and by 2002 he became interested in writing computer-produced (but still organic) songs.

His music has seen releases at Attacknine Records, Awkward Silence, U-Cover, Boltfish Recordings, Infraction Records, a number of weblabels and his own Milieu Music imprint, adding to an already extensive catalogue of works. Additionally, he is involved in several collaborations, notably Free Festival (with Brian Ellis) and VCV (with David Tagg), and he records under several different monikers, including Coppice Halifax, Vhom, Teenager, Pink Space and his own name.

In 2006, Brian co-founded the Second Sun Recordings boutique label with David Tagg, and a year later the two artists started Install as well. Together they manage these two labels in addition to Brian’s Milieu Music imprint and David’s Expanding Electronic Diversity imprint, which started in 2004. Most recently Brian has contributed music and sound to the independent video game Dyson, and continues to release a steady stream of his work in handmade, limited editions via his website.

Brian enjoys vintage science-fiction, video games and gourmet food and wine, and currently lives with his wife Sophia and his pets in Columbia, South Carolina.