Perennial Expansion

Ludvig Cimbrelius joins the label as Xpire. An alias that he used to make Techno and Jungle under. Atmospheric Techno and a little bit of Jungle is on display showing off an early evolution into the sounds he’s making today. Ending with a fantastic Ambient piece, this shows how well he’s been all along at making music.


  1. Escape Velocity [Mix I]
  2. October Dub
  3. Perennial Expansion I
  4. Lumi
  5. Zodiak I
  6. Escape Velocity [Mix III]
  7. Escape From The Heart
  8. Perennial Expansion II
  9. Zodiak II
  10. Desert Wind
  11. TB4E
  12. Leaving Orbit


1 Hour 35 minutes 38 seconds

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