Futur[e]cho 2016

Futur[e]cho returns to the label once again for the 2016 installment. Pairing big named artists with up and comers in the Dub and Ambient Techno scene. This year’s release showcases a more modern sound in the world of Dub Techno and Ambient Techno. Fifteen tracks highlight the ever changing sound of Dub Techno, blurring the lines at times between Dub Techno and Ambient Techno. We are proud to be able to bring such talented artists together for another fantastic and mesmerizing release in the series.


  1. HiKE – I Don’t Know Anybody
  2. Coppice Halifax – Roralaxis
  3. HIROSHI WATANABE aka Kaito – Circle of Life
  4. Satoi – Boceda
  5. Z1 – Whirl
  6. lifePHORM – UNREAL
  7. DeepWarmth – Flashes of Light
  8. Owen Ni – Untitled Dub
  9. schulz_audio – parsec
  10. B. Toriyama – A Moment
  11. aspect. – deception.
  12. Seramind – Feanor
  13. Substak – Things To Backup
  14. Protuberance – Dark Side of the Moon
  15. Ech0 Delta – Wanderdub


1 hour 52 minutes 46 seconds

About the artist: aspect. View releases

Portland, Oregon musician Sage Taylor has been experimenting with sound and electronics as a hobby for over a decade, and has tapped into a wide range of styles in the electronic music spectrum throughout the years. His present-day output is likely to touch on quiet ambient music, soft, melodic IDM or dubbed-out ambient techno, but the goal remains the same as always: to create new compositions for people to zone out to.

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About the artist: Coppice Halifax View releases

Brian Grainger started making music somewhere after his parents’ divorce in 1997. He played multiple instruments in a number of different bands and projects, teaching himself how to play guitar, drums, bass and keyboard without the aid of classical training. In 2001, Brian began dabbling in psychedelic and ambient music, and by 2002 he became interested in writing computer-produced (but still organic) songs.

About the artist: DeepWarmth View releases

DeepWarmth has been around since the year 2010, with music previously and sometimes released as lilmanjs up until 2014 which saw the ending of lilmanjs with the track Journey (It Only Starts). DeepWarmth is a sonic melding of beats, usually but not limited to, Dub Techno and Ambient Techno. Also included on this are Ambient works of various kinds as James Shain. Since 2009 James Shain has striven to carve out his own place in the vast world of Electronic Music with his style influenced by quite a number of artists from all over the world including Japan.

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About the artist: Satoi View releases

Picture yourself hugging that dear someone in a cold autumn night surrounded by the city lights that look like a sea of fallen stars.

That is the picture that Tuukka Jääskeläinen, aka. Satoi, wants you to embrace in with his combination of Finnish melancholy, deep and rich pads, and beats that will fill your feet with love and warmth that every human needs in this cold world.

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About the artist: Substak View releases

Kostas Staikos (aka Substak) was born and raised in the city of Athens.

The start of his journey into music began in 2011 when he decided to escape a bit from real life and start mixing and producing.

His music genres include Ambient, Dub, Dub Techno, Minimal, and Minimal Techno.

Artist of release: Z1 View releases

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