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[CFM048] Various Artists – Futur[e]cho 2013

Futur[e]cho 2013

Various Artists
Release: CFM048
Running Time: 2 hours 11 minutes 34 seconds
After two years of releases in the Futur[e]cho series, the series returns once again with its longest release yet. Getting somewhat away from the goal of the series, pairing lesser known artists with bigger names in the scene, last years release got away from that. This years release has a bunch of artists you’ve probably not heard of that need to be heard along with some bigger talent you’ve already heard of. This years release also instills more Ambient Techno than Dub Techno, but there is a good mix of both styles on the release. This year’s release features several of the artists that have appeared on both releases, returning artists from the very first release in the series along with new faces. The series strives to get people who might be interested in either Dub Techno or Ambient Techno into both. Enjoy the sonic soundscapes that encompass what is Futur[e]cho 2013



  1. Coppice Halifax – R³
  2. Dubatech – Cuboid
  3. AXS – Distant Receptor
  4. Ocralab – Dioscuri
  5. Pembls – Xopt
  6. Substak – Dub Walkers
  7. aspect. – varation.
  8. Benbui – Northern Lights
  9. Federsen – Modular Tension
  10. ISA – Akripose Dub
  11. Beezcoop – Ghost Dub
  12. DeepWarmth – Cities of Crystal
  13. sicc – Spatial Formations
  14. G.R.I.T. – And I Always Have [Backyard Sequence]
  15. Fingers In The Noise – Sleeping Sun
  16. Spaceci – Bioluminesences Of A Satellite Religion
  17. Zander One – Sleep Chamber



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  1. deepgoa says:

    good work! peace n love dg

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