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[CFM025] Kogyo – Fuego


Release: CFM025
Running Time: 40 minutes 8 seconds

Kogyo brings us deep Ambient soundscapes that are sure to please anyone who likes Ambient music. Flowing synths and pads with strings in a few parts meld to create soothing music that any Ambient music lover can like. Songs like Dark Space and Cassini bring about a slightly darker side to the music but it all ends with a light, strings filed track named Ringsjon.



  1. Dark Space
  2. Fjord
  3. Cassini
  4. Tierra Del Fuego
  5. Reality
  6. Ringsjon

Download (from the Internet Archive) (62.3MB)
Download (from Bandcamp)


One Response to “[CFM025] Kogyo – Fuego”

  1. martinnonstatic says:

    truly a wonderfull release! really like this one. greetz to all of u

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