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[CFM025] Kogyo – Fuego


Release: CFM025
Running Time: 40 minutes, 8 seconds

Kogyo brings us deep Ambient soundscapes that are sure to please anyone who likes Ambient music. Flowing synths and pads with strings in a few parts meld to create soothing music that any Ambient music lover can like. Songs like Dark Space and Cassini bring about a slightly darker side to the music but it all ends with a light, strings filed track named Ringsjon.



  1. Dark Space
  2. Fjord
  3. Cassini
  4. Tierra Del Fuego
  5. Reality
  6. Ringsjon

Download (62.3MB)


One Response to “[CFM025] Kogyo – Fuego”

  1. martinnonstatic says:

    truly a wonderfull release! really like this one. greetz to all of u

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