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[CFM024] Various Artists – Futur[e]cho


Various Artists
Release: CFM024
Running Time: 1 hour 22 minutes 38 seconds

After months of planning and hard work, Cold Fiction Music’s third V.A. compilation arrives. Futur[e]cho began as an idea after the unexpected positive response of the first entirely dub-oriented release on the label: the DeepWarmth/Textural Being Split EP. Originally the idea of collecting people to work on a deep, dubby techno compilation album seemed too big for the scope of the label, but over time not only was the idea refined, but now the eight-month-long project is at an end, and the results are surprisingly good. The compilation, presented for your listening pleasure, features 11 notable artists in the present-day dubby, technoid scene. Coppice Halifax, Anton Mayer, Soap, Dublicator, Spiral Dub, Textural Being, ISA, DeepWarmth, As If, Spaceci and Fingers in the Noise all contribute works of art to the compilation, giving the final product a deep, ambient quality that was never anticipated when the idea was still just an idea.

And now, at long last, the release is open to the public, ready to make its mark in the history of Cold Fiction Music.



  1. Coppice Halifax – Royal Acre
  2. A. Mayer – Sky
  3. Soap – Syncro Fall
  4. Dublicator – Vibronic Transition
  5. Spiral Dub – Axiom Dub
  6. Textural Being – Homage à Maurizio
  7. ISA – Filtered
  8. DeepWarmth – Cold Cities
  9. As If – Rose From Above
  10. Spaceci – µ2 Receptor
  11. Fingers in the Noise – l’Acrobate [Ambient Version]

Download (from the Internet Archive) (146.3 MB)
Download (from the Internet Archive) (479.8 MB)

Download (from Bandcamp)


4 Responses to “[CFM024] Various Artists – Futur[e]cho”

  1. Augenstern says:

    Wow ! Really outstanding sounds within the realms of dub techno. Thumbs up, please more like this !

    Flac format also stands for quality of netlabel. – Regards.

  2. noname says:

    ну может через 5 лет скачается

  3. Suecae says:

    I came here for Soap – Syncro Fall. This will be interesting to delve into.

  4. thepathologist says:

    Lovely stuff – right “up my street” !

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