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[CFM064] James Shain – Floating Suns

Floating Suns

James Shain
Release: CFM064
Running Time: 1 hour 08 minutes 32 seconds
The 64th main series release sees James Shain returning to the label with his album Floating Suns. An early look at his Space Ambient with a more minimal approach to the sound, while still being melodic in nature. This was the second album ever completed, and after all this time finally sees the light of day. This was also the first album Sage Taylor mastered.

[CFM-EX4] DeepWarmth – Cloud Joy

Cloud Joy

Release: CFM-EX4
Running Time: 20 minutes 50 seconds
The first track in a series of releases that will make up the 4th EX series release. Experiments in Techno and other forms from DeepWarmth will make up this series.

[CFM063] Dwn Cx – Nmrkd Paths

Nmrkd Paths

Dwn Cx
Release: CFM063
Running Time: 44 minutes 59 seconds
Dwn Cx returns to the label to showcase an ever changing sound. More noise, more experimental and more melody than his last album on the label. Featuring 6 tracks with melodic noise and techno, sure to shock fans of the label.

[CFM-CD01] Coppice Halifax – Rurals


Coppice Halifax
Release: CFM-CD01
Running Time: 1 hour 15 minutes 43 seconds
Our first Cd release is from the man who wears many hats, but keeps gracing our label with remixes and appearances in the Futur[e]cho series. Coppice Halifax brings 5 tracks of Deep Ambient Techno that also fuses in the feeling of Drone. Call it what you will, this is sure to please fans of the label, and if you don’t already know who Coppice Halifax is, a new artist to dive into.

[CFM062] Wolf Asylum – Daydreamer Ep

Daydreamer Ep

Wolf Asylum
Release: CFM062
Running Time: 20 minutes 49 seconds
Our first release of 2015 sees Wolf Asylum returning to the label with a
light and airy IDM/Downtempo Ep called Daydreamer. Featuring 4 tracks
that show off and even more light side than his last release on the
label, this is sure to be a pleaser.



Release: CFM061
Running Time: 1 hour 01 minute 11 seconds
The style of Orkus is one that changes quite a bit, but always retainssan ethereal sense about it with floating high pads, and driving beats. A chillout vibe can be gotten from most tracks on the release mostsnotably with the track Relax and Airport brings in a sense of Jazz tosthe mix while overall this is a chilled out Techno and Deep Housesrelease sure to please all who listen.

[CFM060] DeepWarmth – Night Sessions

Night Sessions

Release: CFM060
Running Time: 59 minutes 20 seconds
A collection of DeepWarmth remixes that showcase the vast styles of his remixing skills with 6 of his remixes. Starting off with an Owen Ni remix of the DeepWarmth track Status, the release then kicks into gear a chill vibe with the bp4 remix melting into a remix of the Coppice Halifax track Leaf Cloak, giving it a view of the Night before diving under the water for a spaced out remix of Tides pt, 1 from Textural Being along with a rainy evening remix of Experience. After ending with 2 Drone style remixes for Coppice Halifax, with a flare for Techno, and Zander One with the only fully Ambient remix to date to round things off.

[CFM059] aspect. – bp4


Release: CFM059
Running Time: 1 hour 35 minutes 17 seconds
From the ashes of Textural Being rises… aspect.

By way of introduction, Portland, OR, producer Sage Taylor offers bp4, a floating dub techno track to demonstrate the new alias… Or, that’s how it began, anyway. A few months, several emails and many remixes later, an album is born. Calling on multiple sources of talent spread across the far flung corners of the world, Sage has gathered an impressive list of remixers, including: Mandrasigma, Rabbit Rabbit, Zander One, Katsura, Substak, Fingers in the Noise, Zwei Kreise, Desove, Warmth, Coppice Halifax and The Downgrade Complex… And as a bonus, at the end, are two alternate mixes by aspect. himself. It’s an album for rainy days and headphones… One to get lost in.
use that one

[CFM058] The Downgrade Complex – Scrapyard Diptych

Scrapyard Diptych

The Downgrade Complex
Release: CFM058
Running Time: 1 hour 59 minutes 50 seconds
Our 58th release in the series comes from The Downgrade Complex who started off our 2014 edition of Futur[e]cho. He brings a wall of noise filled melodies and thumping kicks to the album before giving way to several remixers who give their own takes on several of his tracks.

[CFM-EX3] Beneath The World – The Day After

The Day After

Beneath The World
Release: CFM-EX3
Running Time: 12 minutes 55 seconds
Our first single from Beneath The World is upon us. Featuring Chill ambient style music with laid back basslines and jungle/dnb drum loops underneath making this a unique IDM and Chillout release. The 2 tracks feature swirling synths, rhodes, pads and more to wind down the day.

[CFM057] Various Artists – Futur[e]cho 2014

Futur[e]cho 2014

Various Artists
Release: CFM057
Running Time: 1 hour 19 minutes 56 seconds
The 2014 edition of Futur[e]cho has arrived. 12 artists, 12 unique snapshots of today’s Dubby and Ambient Techno scene. Kicking off the Compilation this year with his signature wall-of-noise take on the genre is The Downgrade Complex, one of this year’s new faces alongside Heisa, Oliver Dombi, SkiFi and Liquid Level. The journey is punctuated by a handful of seasoned F[e] veterans, and it all comes together to bring you one blissed-out deep journey. While this year’s compilation doesn’t have the length of 2013’s offering, it packs an equally great punch, and now is available for you to listen to. »

[CFM-EX2] Hyperreality – Submarine Techno

Submarine Techno

Release: CFM-EX2
Running Time: 14 minutes 31 seconds
Hyperreality brings us our second release in the EX series. A big change in his sound from his first release on the label. He gives us Harsh Dubby Techno on this 2 track release. Melodies are still present, but paired with harsher tones and sounds on this release.

[CFM056] Substak – Soundscaping Stories

Soundscaping Stories

Release: CFM056
Running Time: 47 minutes 02 seconds
Substak brings his unique brand of Deep Techno to the label pairing it with several tracks of Deep Dark Ambient in a release called Soundscaping Stories. Minimal Beats over Darkness coupled with Deep Darkness of Ambient brings a chilling vibe to our 56th release. A prolific producer who keeps releasing on many different labels, we are very honored to have a release.

[CFM055] Liquid Level – Database


Liquid Level
Release: CFM055
Running Time: 28 minutes 55 seconds
Liquid Level graces the label with 5 Deep Dub Techno tracks to chill with. Static chords and slick basslines are the mainstay of this release along with a very polished production quality. Dub Techno fans alike will love this release and those who haven’t heard of him will be in for a pleasant surprise.

[CFM054] Various Artists – Light Clouds

Light Clouds

Various Artists
Release: CFM054
Running Time: 1 hour 32 minutes 01 second
Light Clouds has been in the works almost since the start of Cold Fiction Music in some form or another. We finally are able to bring 11 tracks of Ambient from 10 great artists. The styles are quite varied on the album including Drone, Space Ambient, Dark Ambient and Piano music. We hope there is something for all Ambient lovers. »