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[CFM053] Wolf Asylum – Daze EP

Daze EP

Wolf Asylum
Release: CFM053
Running Time: 24 minutes 08 seconds
The next release in our main catalog brings us Wolf Asylum with a light airy IDM, and somewhat chillout release called Daze. If you like Archaic Horizon netlabel, then this will be right up your alley. Also brings memories of Melorman’s music as well. »

[CFM052] Dj DeepWarmth – It Happened

It Happened

Dj DeepWarmth
Release: CFM052
Running Time: 31 minutes 30 seconds
Dj DeepWarmth shows up on the label with our first release of anything close to House music. You might know Dj DeepWarmth better as DeepWarmth and this is a way to show that House music has a place in his style of music. Two Minimal House tracks are featured, and then 3 artists take over remixing duties from the likes of D’Bug’D, Substak and Zwei Kreise. »

[CFM051] SecondFace – Changes


Release: CFM051
Running Time: 37 minutes 10 seconds
SecondFace returns to the label with a 4 track release of Deep Ambient and Dub Ambient with minimal beatwork. It is quite a change in sound from his first release on the label, but is also a very good release. Emotional Changes and Visions highlight this stellar release with minimal beatwork over Deep Dubby sounds. »

[CFM050] Cly/Suva – In The Wind Ep

In The Wind

Release: CFM050
Running Time: 24 minutes 37 seconds
Cly/Suva puts out his first release on Cold Fiction Music Label with a 4 track Ep filed with a hidden talent for smooth Ambient Techno and Dub Techno. The release starts off with the lush and expansive pads of the title track and moves right along into Until The Road with they Dub Techno chords and deep drums. The other 2 tracks also highlight the lush pads and deep dubby chords that Cly/Suva isn’t really known for until now. For fans of our Dub Techno and Ambient Techno releases, this is an Ep that you shouldn’t miss. »

[CFM049] Pobedia – Polaris


Release: CFM049
Running Time: 1 hour 8 minutes 15 seconds
Pobedia returns to the label expanding on the sounds and atmospheres on his first release, Reflection. This time he takes the chill nature of Reflection and turns it into an even deeper sound. Subtle changes in a chill atmosphere of chords create for a deeper sound than on Reflection. The release is book-ended with 2 Ambient Dub tunes as Grey Cloud and highlight his style even further. Tracks like Whisper invoke an almost Ambient Techno vibe with a subtle pad in the background. If you are a fan of his first release on CFM, or Dub Techno in general, this is a release that shouldn’t be missed. This is also our first wav file only release. »

[CFM048] Various Artists – Futur[e]cho 2013

Futur[e]cho 2013

Various Artists
Release: CFM048
Running Time: 2 hours 11 minutes 34 seconds
After two years of releases in the Futur[e]cho series, the series returns once again with its longest release yet. Getting somewhat away from the goal of the series, pairing lesser known artists with bigger names in the scene, last years release got away from that. This years release has a bunch of artists you’ve probably not heard of that need to be heard along with some bigger talent you’ve already heard of. This years release also instills more Ambient Techno than Dub Techno, but there is a good mix of both styles on the release. This year’s release features several of the artists that have appeared on both releases, returning artists from the very first release in the series along with new faces. The series strives to get people who might be interested in either Dub Techno or Ambient Techno into both. Enjoy the sonic soundscapes that encompass what is Futur[e]cho 2013 »

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[CFM047] James Shain – Among Stars

Among Stars

James Shain
Release: CFM047
Running Time: 58 minutes 51 seconds
James Shain returns to the label, previously releasing as lilmanjs, with another album filled with spacey dronescapes to relax with. Three lush dronescapes are accented by 2 long minimal dronescapes that call a more minimal sense of floating through space highlighted by sparse and distant leads at times. For those a fan of Sunrise in Space and Fading Starlight, this album will be sure to please.

[CFM046] Gblanco – Scientific Romance

Scientific Romance

Release: CFM046
Running Time: 34 minutes 28 seconds
Our first release of 2013 is one sure to please the Dub Techno and Deep Techno crowd. Gblanco brings his own brand of Dubby Deep Techno to the label. Stiff drum sounds with delayed deep techno chords bring a style all his own. With tracks like Kinkley, he brings a dubby sound that melds with stiff drum sounds to create a deep sound like nothing else. The release ends with a Deep Ambient tune and then aspect. brings his own take on the track Yukonder to finish up the release. Smooth dubby sounds with stiff drums. A release sure to please. »

[CFM045] DeepWarmth – Sound of Night

Sound of Night

Release: CFM045
Running Time: 28 minutes 03 seconds
DeepWarmth is back on the label releasing an album from his early days titled Sound of Night. This album has some of his first shots at making Ambient Techno and you can hear the sound evolve on tracks like Floating Night which starts off with a deep pad and a rhodes hit and ends up with a subtle kick going off into the distance as the song ends. For those who are into the smoother side of Techno Sound of Night melds Techno beats with The ambient sound that defines a lot of what DeepWarmth is. »

[CFM044] Satoi – For now, wait Ep

For now, wait Ep

Release: CFM044
Running Time: 18 minutes 28 seconds
Satoi joins the label with a 3 track Ep full of Deep Techno and a single ambient tune. His style of Deep Techno is quite different than what you’d expect, with vibrant melodies at times like on the track Hate Us. His atmospheres are very lush and static at times as well like in the first track Hinder. An artist to watch in the coming years is Satoi and with his first release, he really shows off what he can do. »

[CFM043] Pobedia – Reflection


Release: CFM043
Running Time: 46 minutes
Pobedia joins the label with a release that brings stylings of Quantec and Ohrwert with his own touch. 8 tracks of lush chords and subtle basses for a great Dub Techno and Deep Techno release. His subtle chords and basses make for a deep and chill Dub Techno release that is perfect for night time listening or for a weekend doing things around your place. »

[CFM042] Chrome Rainbow – Hourglass


Chrome Rainbow
Release: CFM042
Running Time: 33 minutes 27 seconds
Chrome Rainbow returns to the label with his second release Hourglass. A more complex and more organic sounding release, he melds layers of synths with pianos over the top to provide music that sounds like his style from his first release Beside Yourself though in a more complex tone. This is a great album to chill to on a Sunday afternoon or what have you. If you prefer your electronic music to be slower and more chill, this is perfect. »

[CFM041] Louigi Verona – 15 Orbs of Votsor Soundtrack

15 Orbs of Votsor Soundtrack

Louigi Verona
Release: CFM041
Running Time: 53 minutes 21 seconds
Louigi Verona brings us the soundtrack to his maze game 15 Orbs of Votsor. This time around, it’s a different sounding release than the releases that he’s done with us in the past. He fuses his dronescape sound and atmosphere into Ambient Techno and at times dubby Ambient Techno and smooth IDM. There are a couple of straight up Ambient tracks, but most of it is Dronescape atmosphere with flowing basslines and Ambient Techno grooves. While the sound is different, this is a high quality release from Louigi. »

[CFM040] Sage Taylor – Inertia Sessions

Inertia Sessions

Sage Taylor
Release: CFM040
Running Time: 1 hour 22 minutes 15 seconds
After self-releasing the album Inertia, we are proud to bring you the b-sides and outtakes album Inertia Sessions. Sage Taylor brings more of the IDM side from Pigments of Your Imaginations to the Front with his follow up to that album. Inertia Sessions takes songs that didn’t make the main album and brings them in their own light on the album. Ranging from Leftfield to mellow IDM and byond this album showcases that the leftovers from Inertia are just as good, even if they aren’t of the same style or feel as the tracks on Inertia. Tracks like Fuego and Spiral Wind showcase a great more minimal style of IDM with tracks such as Lambent and Terminus showcase a more leftfield style of fast drums in an almost breakbeat style. This album showcases the talent that Sage Taylor has when making IDM. You can grab Inertia if you haven’t heard it over here: http://sagetaylor.bandcamp.com/ »